Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Aftermath...Earthquakes, Tornados and now Super Typhoon...

One thing is for sure, we will make it to the top ten list of countries that are most vulnerable to natural calamities next year. Earthquakes, Tornados, Thurderstorms and Super Typhoons which have claimed many lives have rocked the country the whole year round and that will definitely put us on that list. It is as if there is no end to these devastating events. One can only sometimes make conclusions that maybe it is no longer a safe place to live. But is that really the case? Would we allow ourselves to eventually become climate refugees or do we seriously start to learn from these experiences and adapt.

Through the centuries, countries like the Philippines have always been a haven for natural disasters. Don't forget our susceptibility to Tsunamis and Volcanic eruptions because of our proximity to the Pacific ring of fire. There are just so many natural conditions that puts as always at risk.

But come to think of it countries like the United States, the Islands in Caribbean, Taiwan, China and even in Europe, they are also susceptible to natural calamities. The question then is on how we deal which such calamities.

If only we try hard to implement the hundreds of laws we have created on environment and safety, we would be able to minimize the risk of lost to property and lives. I always believe in one thing, "never challenge the obvious".

I've been to Tacloban City several times and the only thing I can remember was water surrounded the commercial district of Tacloban. Every time I look out the window of the hotel, the sea was almost at every angle. It was a potential disaster waiting to happen. The low lying areas were just perfect conditions for disaster.

Under the law, no structures can be built within twenty meters from the edge of the sea. Unfortunately, everywhere you look, in any inhabitable place in the Philippines, this is not being followed. Same for the three meter legal easement and twenty meter buffer zone of rivers. So what do you think would happen if there is a storm or when there's heavy rains? Water will come running right into those structures and destroy everything in its path.

My grandfather used to tell me that water has its natural ways so he always never builds his hut were water used to pass. He said, "it may be dry now but when the rain comes water will pass through there, so don't expect you wouldn't be washed away." I guess he was right.

If only we can implement these laws more strictly, we would drastically minimize our loses and would be allowed to continue to live in these allowable spaces. In my opinion, the country is not too small for all of us. We still have a lot of open spaces. It its time government should look seriously into geo-hazard maps and start identify areas which has minimal susceptibility to these types of natural calamities and if ever areas are susceptible, then start implementing stricter rules on building codes and safety requirements. The vulnerability Index is a grim reminder that we live in volatile environment and that we should learn to adapt and learn from the lessons of the past.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Alibi... Nothing more but an excuse or a lie...

I don't know what is wrong with people nowadays but most always have an alibi for the things that they are supposed to do but doesn't want to do it for a reason I can never fathom. More than often they seem to be blaming their circumstances on others.

A classic line of "I work even on sundays and holidays and I don't need to follow the normal work time because my job is different." or "I'm doing this as a sacrifice". A job is a job and every job has a certain job description and a job responsibility and there are organizational rules. May I ask what's special about your job and how special are you that you're exempted from the rest?

"You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgement on someone else, for whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgement do the same thing" ~ Romans 2:1

I alway believe in taking responsibility for your actions and not blaming it on others. Simple, you're late for work because you were not up early or you were doing other unnecessary stuffs not related to work that is eating your time and then you can't come to the office on time. Don't blame it on the organization, your boss or your peers. The point is that you are late and you are the reason.

Truth of the matter is, that if you are required to report for work on an eight to five job, you can't do anything but follow the rules. If you don't like it, then be responsible enough and leave. Those are the rules and nobody is above that. I come to work early despite me having the option not too but I decided too come early and I take responsibility for that action. I will never ask the organization to praise me for that.

Another truth is working beyond the time required is always a sacrifice if the organization is not asking for it. You can only be compensated for something (overtime pay) if the organization itself is asking for it from you or is requiring you to go beyond the normal working hours. If you "volunteered", don't expect anything in return.

If you have to do something because you failed to do it before and then you have to work overtime to get the task done, then that is the same. Take responsibility for not finishing the task on time but don't take it out on the organization and the people by asking for an overtime for something you failed to finish on a given time.

I always remember the story of a friend of mine who had this very rude officemate. She does not go overtime but of course get things done always on time. One time while she was on her way out, she saw my friend was still on a meeting with his subordinates. She candidly passed by and said, "You're still not done? Very inefficient!" and then left with all of them numb-folded. Look at that, you can't blame her for finishing her job on time and for being very efficient. It may be rude but there was some truth in it and I'm sorry to say this but the truth always hurts.

Now regardless if that sacrifice is recognized on not, its was a decision you made. Nobody told you to work beyond the required time, you decided to work beyond that and you volunteered. The organizations decision to recognize that or can never in your control sphere so deal with it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Getting Ready for IOS 7

Well it's September folks and I've been scanning the web for a clear date of when iOS 7 will be release for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. So far rumors has it, its going to be on the 10th of September. Its also rumored that Apple's September 10th event will also debut their new iPhone 5s. Something that I am looking forward to.

I hope this new iOS release (which is available starting from iPad 2 and iPhone 4) will not be a big disappointment compared to when they released IOS 6 September last year. Hey, I didn't even notice it's already a year since they released iOS 6. :-)

To all my fellow Apple fans out there (iPhone 5 and iPad owners alike), September 10, 2013 is just around the corner so keep your devices close and get ready for those updates.

iOS 7, we're waiting for you! ;-)