Friday, September 6, 2013

Getting Ready for IOS 7

Well it's September folks and I've been scanning the web for a clear date of when iOS 7 will be release for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. So far rumors has it, its going to be on the 10th of September. Its also rumored that Apple's September 10th event will also debut their new iPhone 5s. Something that I am looking forward to.

I hope this new iOS release (which is available starting from iPad 2 and iPhone 4) will not be a big disappointment compared to when they released IOS 6 September last year. Hey, I didn't even notice it's already a year since they released iOS 6. :-)

To all my fellow Apple fans out there (iPhone 5 and iPad owners alike), September 10, 2013 is just around the corner so keep your devices close and get ready for those updates.

iOS 7, we're waiting for you! ;-)