Friday, June 22, 2012

Life is what we make it...

It doesn't mean that if one is educated in a public school one make statements that they were less fortunate. Nor one makes public statements that one who was educated in a private school all his life is lucky and has never tasted the hardships of life. I was educated in a private exclusive school from elementary to college but that doesn't mean I'm lucky or privileged. I worked hard for it also. Life is what we make it...

You control your own destiny. To hear a statement coming from someone segregating those who were educated in a public education system from the ones that have been educated in a private system is but appalling, discriminatory and shows arrogance in character. Again you control your own destiny. It has nothing to do with where you were educated and everything to do with one's character.

I have so much appreciation and respect for people who came from the public education system despite the hardships they endure. We should not blame the system for what it is and how thing are done there but rather we should strive to help improve it than criticize it. What we are today are fruits of our labor in the past.

My college education was never an easy one either. I had to send myself through college through a scholarship and had to make ends meet to finish. Taking jobs inbetween like being a graphic artist, computer encoder/programmer/technician and the most odd ones were fixing motorcycle/car engines and doing welding jobs for people. It was hard but very rewarding. I learned a lot from it. Its all in how you percieve thing. If you try and open your mind you will learn and become a better person.

Behind the scenes was my dad who was a great mentor. He always reminded me than you can view the situation positively or negatively. He said, you can either learn from the experience or whine and tell yourself it can't be done. His quest for knowledge, technical skill and resilience was what describes his character. He was never greedy in what knowledge he has acquired from an experience and would willingly give to anyone who would freely accept it. He never stops reading and experimenting despite the hardships of raising his family. I got most of those habits from him.

Mama can attest to his ingenuity when she tells him of a challenge and the comes out with a solution or even a product. They were perfect for each other despite the other challenges they endure even to his last days. We miss you dad and again thank you so much.

A new challenge has been presented to me. A reassignment that suddenly will make me a father figure of 55 kids and adults. And as i take in this new assignment, I can't help but wonder if I will be able to influence and make a difference and emulate what my father has done for me. These kids who have been less fortunate than others, abandoned, brutally and sexually abused, and under the influence. This kids who have never felt love from their parents. Kids who are in pain and rejected by society.

A new beginning... A new challenge to make a difference in the lives of others. A test of strength of character...