Saturday, January 26, 2013


Six months into this current assignment is turning out to be one of the best so far and I would say not bad at all. I guess maybe I'm just this lucky I get the best assignments which I believe are difficult but very rewarding because it gives me a lot of opportunities for growth because of the new challenges and learnings. ;-)

I also earned new and better friends in the process and in the company of the old friends, I always get positive remarks and words of encouragement. New learnings, new channels, new opportunities. Despite my rigid personally, this is an eye-opener for me.

Time flies so fast and it is as if I was just reassigned recently to the center. I believe I have accomplished so much and have learned a lot about children and how to deal with them.

Yesterday, I learned humility and patience in handling one of the kids. He was having tantrums because he was being labeled by one of the kids. His violent nature surprised me a lot. It was as if he was ready to kill the other kid. With one swift and tight hug, I was abe to comfort him. He felt my love and I felt the connection between him and me and he calmed down realizing I was just there to care and love him. We had a long chat and I let him play my cellphone. A few minutes after, I called the other kid and told him to apologize and they we friends again. That was something priceless and that experience showed a lot.

These are just some of the few experiences that I have and that we as parents, biological or not, have the moral responsibility to love, care and understand their needs. It is our moral obligation not hurt them but to show them our love. And for the first time, I realized and was convinced that corporal punishment is totally wrong. We need to understand their needs, their wants, their challenges. We need to be patient and get pass through our biases and look into their hearts. We need to care more.

Love is simply not just a feeling but it is also a decision and I chose and decided to love these kids like they were my own. Let us end the cycle of violence and let us start with them, our future.