Sunday, October 14, 2012

Simple Lives

Got a message last night, one kid at the center had fever and might be suspected of being stricken with Dengue. I went to the center early this morning to check on him.

I normally go on weekends but by the time I arrived they are already busy with a lot of interaction from visitors. When I arrived, what I saw were children playing in the open areas. I've never seen so much smiles on children's faces. Their laughter was mesmerizing. Left alone in their natural state, children will be children.

As we grow older, we've lost that one thing that made us happy... Simplicity. How I wish we can live simple lives just like what these children have. The simple made up toys, the chasing and running around. That feeling of excitement from play. We have forgotten what play is all about.

As one priest said, "Words are toys and play is language". I've never completely agreed with him until I saw them playing today. He was completely right. Today I again learned something new. And that happiness can be found in simple things.... :-)