Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bad Start of the Week...

Been very busy again. Blogging for me is really difficult. I'm too lazy to write anything. :-( The week started really bad. I'm overwhelmed with work at the office. Too many things to do. Too little time to do everything.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Possibilities are Endless...

Check out this cool video. I know some of you must have seen this already but I just want to post this for those who haven't... A new way of computing...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Humble Beginnings Continued...

It's 1:00am here (GMT +8) and I'm now wakeful. I just drove my honey to work a few minutes ago and then when I got home decided continue writing about myself. :-)

So to continue... There I was, with my new found skill but still haven't decided what course to take in college but was determined to finish college. One things for sure was a course I was planning of taking either a course related to sciences or engineering.

Right after I graduated high school, I got a summer job fixing motorbikes. It was fun and at the same time I got an allowance which I could use to buy me things. My dad and I use to fix the car and his motorbikes ourselves so working there was not hard for me. That was how we spent our quality time together aside from the fishing trips we had together with his friends even though at times, the child in me wanted to just go out in the open field, fly a kite or just play with my neighbors. Now, my dad had a favorite. When it come to chores he would ask me instead of my elder brother benny. When I was younger I didn't get why me instead of him but through the years I begun to understand why.

Summer was almost over and my parents were now asking me if I had already decided on what course to take. My first choice was Chemical Engineering. (My most favorite subject in high school. I always liked balancing chemical equations.) But my dad disagreed to it because he said that there was no future for it in our place and I might have a difficulty finding a job. My heart broke, so told them of my next option, Electrical Engineering.

Now my dad never agreed to this because he said both were difficult courses and that I was not cut for it. He never believed in my abilities and when it comes to academics, my bother was also a favorite. I was just a work horse for him... :-( Sad as it was, I told them of my third choice, Computer Science. Now this, he agreed but the only problem was, it's not offered in the University from were I finished my high school so my mom didn't agree to it this time. I got furious. They comforted me and said that they only want what best for me.

Seeing that I was running out of options I went to the college registrar and got a list of the courses offered and funny as it may seem, the closet one which had computer on it was Computer Engineering.

Yes, Computer Engineering. Ah! this time, they both agreed to my fourth choice. Not actually my favorite but what the heck. So, after summer I enrolled Computer Engineering. Gosh! I didn't know that the Technological Center of the University which offered the engineering and sciences courses was located in the middle of nowhere! It was far and the only way to get there was a small dirt road of which by the time you get there, your hair will turn white because of the dust! LOL

This was it. There's no turning back. First day of school, I had to wake up early to ride a public transport for the long trip. When I got there, the place wasn't bad at all. It was quite, cool, very neat place and very conducive for learning. I said to myself, well this is it, enjoy the next five years here. The next five years proved to be the best time of my life. I learned a lot not just academics, but about friends, relationships and hard work... :-)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Come Home Safely

Other players of Wordless Wednesday

TMI Tuesday #119

1. What was your favorite book as a kid?

The Little Prince... Read it several times

2. If you were stranded on that proverbial desert island (again!), what book or books (up to 5) would you want to have with you?

(1) The Da Vince Code and (2) Angels and Demons (by Dan Brown)

(3) Spock must die! (Startrek)

(4) Taipans of the Noble House

(5) The Art of War by James Clavell

3. What was the first "naughty" book you read and in what way was it naughty?

I can't read naughty books, it's too much for me....lol

4. If you were to publish your autobiography today, what would be the title?

Journals of an IT Guy or My IT Journal

5. Would you rather look at nude pictures/pornography or read erotic fiction and why?

I would say looking at nude picture....

Bonus (as in optional):Do you know the whereabouts today of the first person with whom you had sex?

hahaha.... next question please....LOL

Happy TMI everyone!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

My first Music Monday song...

A friend of mine played this song once. I liked it so much that I sang this last Christmas Party...


fly on through the night wind take a star to her for me
please wisper i love her make her wait for me
here it seems so cold now how i wish her arms around me
soar nightbird of love tell her wait for me

cause you have wings you know i let you go
almost every night
but lonliness can dull the shine
of even the bright moon light

night bird fly on, fly on
night bird, sing her my song

oh before you leave take this band of gold with you
and if you can find her tell her i am true

cause you have wings you know i let you go
almost every night
but lonliness can dull the shine
of even the bright moon light

night bird fly on, fly on
night bird sing her my song

It may be an oldie but I like it... :-) I also sing this when I feel lonely or when I'm away for a business trip and I miss my girlfriend. I want to dedicate this song to her... :-)

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm Feeling


Here is a demo of a software at MIT which I came across a few years back which I believe is worth posting. Enjoy...:-)

My little island Paradise!

Cebu is clearly a place I consider as home. I was born here, grew up here, got my degree in Computer Engineering in one of the local universities and worked in several private corporations based here and Manila.

Through the years, I've seen the place transformed from a sleepy old city to a bustling metropolis.

This island is blessed with so many things. White sandy beaches, a good climate (we rarely get hit with typhoons here), nature trails, mountain resorts, good schools, malls, a rich history and mostly friendly people.

After working for more than 10 years in the private sector and 2 years in the academe, I got an invitation to work for the City Government of Cebu. I just turned 2 years and 2 months today and I would say working here has been fun, full of challenges and surprises unlike any other that I've worked for... :-)

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Got this link from mariposa's blog. Anyway, here's the result...

Your Birthdate: September 15

You take life as it is, and you find happiness in a variety of things.
You tend to be close to family and friends. But it's hard to get into your inner circle.
Making the little things wonderful is important to you, and you probably have an inviting home.
You seek harmony with others, but occasionally you have a very stubborn streak.

Your strength: Your intense optimism

Your weakness: You shy away from exploring your talents

Your power color: Jade

Your power symbol: Flower

Your power month: June

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Long Silence!

Been busy lately. I hope I can do this more often. December and January always are a busy months for the department. There is the usual preparations in December for the business permit renewal which happens for the whole month of January. The treasury office has to process over twenty thousand business establishments so you could just imagine their workload. For us in IT, we have to make sure all systems are go. Downtown would be a disaster so I normally have backups for everything. This year we have successfully tested our wireless network for our remote site and we've saved a lot on communications expense. :-)

On the other hand, other things that I am busy at are watching videos at youtube, playing my online game (my girlfriend has her own and sometimes we end up comparing who is the best.... lol), watching my collection of VCD's and driving my girlfriend to work and spending time with her over a cup of coffee. :-)

Anyway, she suggested I should read other blogs and see what others are doing so that I would be able to post more often. She also suggested that I should post comments on the other site too. Well, wish me luck... :-)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Welcome to My Blog...

I'm not the type who wants to write about things. I'm just too lazy to write or scribble on a notebook. :-P My friends has been telling me to write because I talk a lot, but again I told them that I just too damn lazy to write. Then I got this idea from my girlfriend. She was into this blog thing and told me that if I was too lazy to write on paper, why don't I just type what's in my head and make a blog. So, there I was, staring at the computer think of a good title. Wow! I never thought that it would be this difficult but as the saying goes "The most difficult thing in anything that you want to do is making the first step"

So what's this blog all about? It's about life, experiences in and out of my workplace and everything I get to encounter everyday in and out of IT.

My humble beginnings... :-)

Information Technology has been my life since. What started my interest in IT? It all started in a computer game. My dad got a call from one of his friends. The plumbing broke and they wanted it fixed right away. Their house was located in one of the upscale villages in the city. Gosh! The house was huge!

When we got their, my dad's friend introduced me to one of his sons and he brought me to the living room where I saw a keyboard connected to a large TV. It was Commodore VIC20. Back then, computers were so rare and expensive that only the rich could afford one. The computer was loaded with space invaders game but I was more interested on how this machine operate and how it made this images on the TV. That's where my interest in computers begun.

My interest grew even further when one of my dad's friends received several packages from the US containing computers of which he was willing to give one for me experiment on. It was a TRS-80 computer from Radio Shack. My first computer ever. I was so excited that I went to the school library the next day and found tons of information about this machine. I read and tried experimenting with it by creating my first ever program. Nope, it was not printing "hello world!" on the screen. My first program was displaying the sum of two numbers.

So there it was, my first program using the Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code or BASIC for short, my first programming language. Since the computer did not come with a storage device, I wrote my programs on a notebook containing useful codes which made my life easier in my math and science subjects. I guess I was a computer geek but I never minded it. I never had too many friends back then so I spend most of my time on the computer from dusk till dawn. To me, it was the start of a new skill which eventually lead me to where I am today... :-)