Saturday, January 19, 2008

Long Silence!

Been busy lately. I hope I can do this more often. December and January always are a busy months for the department. There is the usual preparations in December for the business permit renewal which happens for the whole month of January. The treasury office has to process over twenty thousand business establishments so you could just imagine their workload. For us in IT, we have to make sure all systems are go. Downtown would be a disaster so I normally have backups for everything. This year we have successfully tested our wireless network for our remote site and we've saved a lot on communications expense. :-)

On the other hand, other things that I am busy at are watching videos at youtube, playing my online game (my girlfriend has her own and sometimes we end up comparing who is the best.... lol), watching my collection of VCD's and driving my girlfriend to work and spending time with her over a cup of coffee. :-)

Anyway, she suggested I should read other blogs and see what others are doing so that I would be able to post more often. She also suggested that I should post comments on the other site too. Well, wish me luck... :-)


Wholly Burble said...

That Mariposa is a busy little butterfly isn't she ;-). I hope all this exploration of the blogosphere works out for you. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Yummy said...

I'll visit your blog often and post comments...:-)

ZigZagMan said...

your girl is a bright bright lass......:)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!