Thursday, July 14, 2011

The inconveniece of convenience

There is always inconvenience when it comes to making things convenient for organization to take control of software applications/programs running in support to operations.

One example I can site are programmers. Programmers are like artist. But if you don't tame this artist and set your objectives straight, you get unwanted results and horror stories even beyond the artist's imagination. For year IT Managers and Business Owners has been trying to tame these artist and most if not always, managers, corporations, and business owners always get stuck with software applications which are either too complex, too difficult to modify or even at most impossible to work with.

Documentation is a one way of setting the pace and controlling them. By experience, this is has been proven effective. To make it even more effective, systems analyst does the documentation and set standards.

But in an organization I work for, there are other factors that affects systems development. Even changing political priorities can in one way or the other affect design and change the requirement overnight. Standards is also one very important element that should be introduced and strictly implemented. With that said, it makes this job interesting at the same time challenging. Cheers to my team!