Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun Monday

Mariposa is hosting this week's Fun Monday and this week's theme is What's in a Name and What's in our Plate!

What's in my name?

Life, IT and Governance...ha! What you read is what you get. LOL

I'm a Computer Engineer and I head the Management Information and Computer Systems Department in the city givernment here and that is IT (Infomation Technology) and IT Governance for you...and of course, I talk about my life here...when I have the time!

What's in my plate?

Mariposa and I are very compatible when it comes to food....we both love Japanese food.

This is a gomoku ramen...

... and my sashimi!

My post is a bit late...I always run late...LOL

Please check other Fun Monday participants at Mariposa's Tales!


IamwhoIam said...

Looks yummy - and Life is IT

Willowtree said...

I love that soup. I was an IT Manager in a Gov. agency too.

Pamela said...

yeah.. the IT guy at my work is always late, too. And he NEVER believes me about what is going to with my computer. hmm.

that ramen look delicious. the raw stuff I just can't look at.

ChrisB said...

An IT guy~ just what we need to sort out our problems!!!

I love your photos but I'll pass on the raw fish!!

lisa marie said...

Your title totally fits. :) My son is working towards IT. :) No raw stuff for me please. :)

Happy FUn Monday, even if I am slow. . .

janet said...

don't run too late next week! you are officially announced as the host for march 10!

(and i love japanese food too! yum!)

Jan said...

I love Japanese food, BUT, I eat the cooked recipes. Better late than never.

swampy said...

Didn't Bill Clinton have a problem defining and/or understanding the "word" IT?

Soup looks great. I love soup, especially in the winter. Please pass a tureen full of it my way.

Also, I understand that you are hosting Fun Monday on the 10th? If so, please sign me up. Thanks.

swampy said...

P.S. I love sashimi, but I'm in Oklahoma and there aren't many places to find fresh sushi close by.

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Oh my the ramen looks very scrumptious!

Thanks for sharing!