Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Some alliances are just to good to be true. Others are shrouded in mystery and lies. Others are made in heaven and while others last even beyond our lifetime.

Same is true with all forms of emotions like love, happiness, joy, hate and still holds true with relationship and friendship. But the end of some alliances can foster also the beginning of new ones.

We always learn from our mistakes which has brought man this far. The strongest foundations on earth were built from the mistakes and learnings of the past. Only time can tell on how far we will go and how far civilization will take us into the future.

Again, I have always been telling people this, "Our greatest responsibility is to pass on the wisdom, knowledge, the skill and good experiences that we have to the next generation". We are just stewards of this earth and that what we pass on to the next generation is our greatest gift to them.


Anonymous said...

like kaayo ko ani sir william!! -jan

Anonymous said...

We are our greatest allies and enemies.

Mariposa said...

We are our greatest allies and enemies.

And at the end of the day...as long as we did things with the best intention and to the best of our ability. It is always between us and whoever we see in the mirror...and our God.