Sunday, May 5, 2013


I normally go for a swim after office hours three times a week minimum and usually alternate between days but for now I think I had enough of the swimming thing. I will let one week pass and then get back on the routine again.

I spent the last weekend whale watching with some friends south of Cebu and then swallow diving the next day at Shangrila Mactan. It was a worthwhile experience and I enjoyed it a lot.

The part I enjoyed the most was watching the school of small fish swimming around you and getting curious. You can literally touch them if you do slow movement. Then there was the typical clown fish going in and out of an anemone and when we got to close it was trying to ward us off as if it was trying to protect its territory or trying to protect something inside. That experience reminded me of the movie "Finding Nemo"... ;-)

I do swallow dives before but I never realized how nice it was and how much some areas have been well protected. I never imagined the beauty of watching live corals and watching schools of fish would be an awesome sight. It was like you're in a city of fish and everyone is busy getting around and doing stuffs. I should try to do this more often if time permits with friends and family. For me, it was just simply awesome...

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