Sunday, March 9, 2008

Give me 5!


My Fun Monday challenge is SO easy!

I call it...Things Left Unsaid, with a twist!

Ha! is not what you think IT IS!

I'm still having my Movie Mania, (thanks to Janet, this weeks Fun Monday host) next week's Fun Monday still has to do with movies.

How? Hold on...I'm trying to make your trip down worth it! LOL

I need YOU (yes, the wonderful YOU!) to pick 5 memorable lines from 5 different movies (if you could tell us which character said it and to whom, would be a bonus)...and tell us to WHOM (who in the people in your life) you could have said those lines.

Just 5!

So...see you on Monday!

Cool people who signed up so far...

1. Melanie

2. The Rotten Correspondent

3. Mariposa's Tales

4. From the Planet of Janet

5. Southern Doll

6. Aoj & The Lurchers

7. SwampAngel65

8. Patience - Please

9. Heather

10. SayreSmiles

11. TheFoodSnob

12. Lady K

13. Irish Coffeehouse

14. Tracey

15. MJD

16. Min

17. Peter

18. Hootin' Anni

19. Karina

20. Sauntering Soul

21. ArkansasSongbird

22. Ann

23. Faye

24. Nikki

25. Retrohipster

26. Jettie

27. Nekked Lizard

28. Swampy

29. Mamalang

30. JennV

31. Lisa Marie

32. Amanda

33. Sandy

34. Gattina

35. Julie

36. Lil Mouse

37. Jo Beaufoix

38. Pam

39. You're next!

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Melanie said...

What a great, creative idea! I love it and I'll play along.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

That is a very cool idea. I'm in.

Mariposa said...

I'm in! Can't wait to post my 5!

janet said...

count me in. thanks

Southern Doll said...

Oh I like this one, I would like to play!

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

This sounds fun! I'm in please!

Gattina said...

That's a pity (for me) I can't participate on that. Most of the movies I have seen were in french and translated so I am unable to pick out lines unless in french and then translate them into english and nobody would recognize it. I am also not a movie freak.

SwampAngel65 said...

Sign me up! I'll have fun thinking them idea!

Patience-please said...

I'll try!


Heather said...

I'll play!

Sayre said...

I'll give it a shot - may have to spend some time this week refreshing my movie memory though!

thefoodsnob said...

I will try!


Kaytabug said...

Awesome idea. I love quoting movies!!! Add me to the list please!

Irish Coffeehouse said...

Oh now this sounds like loads of fun! Sign me up!

Tracey said...

Oh crap. That is a tall order for me! I don't watch that many movies, but I will see what I can come up with. Count me in!

mjd said...

Count me in. What a fun idea.

min said...

Me! Me! I want to play!

Peter said...

Sign me in please.

Hootin' Anni said...

I'm IN!!!! Totally!!!

Karina said...

Okay, I was worried at first, because my post today is all about "Things Left Unsaid", and I was going to have to repeat myself. BUT I love your twist on this.

So, sign me up!!

Sauntering Soul said...

This is going to be hard for me, but sign me up anyway.

Arkansas Songbird said...

I've signed up once, but don't see my name on the list yet so I'll sign up again just to make sure I get on that list!

-Ann said...

Ah sure, I'll give it a go, even though it sounds really tough.

Faye said...

I'll give it a whirl. Please sign me up and thanks!

nikki said...

Oh sure, count me in.


Retrohipster said...

Add me please.

Jettie said...

Iam in!! great idea!!

Nekked Lizards said...

The Nekked Lizards want to play....

swampy said...

Hey, I swear I signed up last week. Please. Please. Please put me on your list for Fun Monday.

I.T. Guy said...

Guys, I will update the list later...just got back from a business trip. I'm sure there are some who signed up in the previous post...will update that too later.


Julie said...

Okay, I think I can come up with five. Count me in.

Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandy said...

Suffering from serious brain fade this week, but please count me in.

Gattina said...

I think I found a solution to my problem, so please sign me in (women are allowed to change mind all seconds)

Lil Mouse said...

please add me

Jo Beaufoix said...

Cool idea. I'll play. :D

Pam said...

I'd like to play along...can you add me to the list?

Tiggerlane said...

Add me! I'll play!

Lil Mouse said...

I think Swamp Angel's link is incorrect.