Saturday, March 1, 2008

IT in Governance

It's a lazy Saturday and I just woke up with a massive migraine this morning and yeah that really started the day wrong. I went on with my daily routine and then drove back home and slept the entire morning.

Got up around a little past 1pm and still my head is spinning. Drank two tabs of Tylenol and then played my online game (Ogame). Yeah, thanks to Tylenol I feel better. :-)

Anyway, in my previous post, I mentioned about what my occupation is and what this blog is supposed to be about. Yes, I.T. and yes anything that has computers on it is under my job description. (As what most of the department head in the organization would think).

I've been very busy lately and there are currently over 20 major project being worked out by the department. Here is a short list of major projects being undertaken:

1. General Collection System
2. Re-engineering of the existing Business Permit Renewal System
3. Re-engineering of the existing Real Property Tax System
4. Electronic New Government Accounting System
5. Online Taxpayers Portal
6. Online Payment System
7. Human Resources Information System
8. Network Upgrade and Redundancy
9. Orthophoto
10. Treasury Operations Management System

The challenges faced in the implementation of new systems or improvement of existing systems could vary from simple changes in the political climate, budgetary constraints or end-user indifference. I'll discuss some of these projects in details next time.

That's IT for me for now.

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