Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Politics and e-Governance...

I guess everyone know the lyrics by Billy Joel the song "Honesty". One line goes something like, "Honesty is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue. ". I guess I'm just too naive about so many things in this world and that I have to start realizing that Billy Joel is right and that you can never trust anyone but yourself not even the people closest to you (no, not even your dog...LOL).

Funny, I've been in the government for 5 years and I still have yet to learn that trolls and witches exist and that they are real, flesh and blood. That everyone has its own agenda and that I have to trust only my instinct and gut feeling. Trust no one. I should put that in my head.

Even your connections and relationships you shouldn't rely on. If you do, you committed the biggest mistake. You will realize that suddenly you're all alone. Never rely on promises, and words like "I will do something about it" or "Don't worry, we will find a way!". Keyword "we" is actually equivalent to "you" or "good luck".

In a few minutes, I will be in a budget hearing that will come into terms of whether it will make things happen or it will break me (alone with no one but myself). I can't do anything for now but watch on the sideline as the Titans battle it out with the trolls and witches.

Wish me luck... ;-)


Mariposa said...

We exist if it is you offering and sharing...but if it's you relying, there should only be you because at the end of the day, you is the only thing you've got. That is how I managed to get here. Never point fingers and put people accountable on something which was a promise of help. People can try, and people fail, like we always do.

Let this be an eye opener for you...and I hope you reflect within yourself after you get settled why this post should have been written differently.

Hopefully, months or years from now, you will agree with me that this post should have not made it here, nor written this way.

I.T. Guy said...

Maybe or maybe not. We will see...