Saturday, September 22, 2012

The new Apple IOS 6

A few days ago I made a FB post that Apple will be releasing a new OS for its mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Well was able to upgrade my iPad a day after the release date. Network traffic was a bit slow. I guess a lot of people were excited also to try the new operating system.

So far, not so impressed with the new features. The biggest change for me is the Maps. Yes, Apple just kicked google maps out of the iPad and replaced it with its own. The images are the same, the only big differences are the 3D and the route functions (This one has improved a lot!) but still not as good as Google in terms of map updates and information. I guess that will improve in time because I believe they are still trying to update a lot of spatial information on their maps.

I had the impression that they will be incorporating Siri on iPad but it's not there. The Siri is only available in iPhone (plus some enhancements they say) for now and I think it will remain in the iPhone platform. I'm still a Blackberry user and in my opinion, the iPhone still have so many areas of improvement when it come to apps on information collaboration and data interchange as compared to the Blackberry.

Another thing I've noticed in this new release is that the picture importation from the card reader is much slower than before. I bought an accessory card reader and it worked quite well before than now and both are supposed to be apple products.

Well now, I'm swamped with a lot of apps updates and still going. I guess it's going to be like this for a couple of weeks when all app makers will make their apps compatible to IOS 6. ;-)

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